About Us

Our business started in 2010 with some small talk and big dreams. The “our” refers to myself, Melissa, and my husband, Rocky, my (mostly) willing partner in whatever big idea I come up with. 

My background and education in graphic design and a love of creating lead to our beginnings building custom wood signs, selling our goods at shows and vintage markets. After becoming intrigued by screen printing, we decided to take the plunge, investing in the necessary education and equipment. Loving the freedom and creativity of screen-printed design, we added custom clothing to our line. Setting up shop in the basement of our home, we juggled our day jobs and parenthood to fill orders. Along the way we also managed to fill our five-bedroom home to the brim with equipment and supplies!

A Dedicated Space

 By 2018 we needed more dedicated shop space and the timing seemed right to open a brick and mortar storefront in our home town of Chatfield.  Our town was in need of a flower shop and my mom had honed her skills as a florist for years working with several local florists.  She was enthusiastic to put those skills back to use and, joining forces, we decided to go for it.  An opportunity to purchase the building at 208 Main Street sealed the deal….we were in business!  Our new home had previously served as a flower shop, jewelry store and TV repair shop and had a story of its own; layers of which we discovered upon our extensive renovations!  In July 2018 we openedas Big Girl Stickers & Stems, the “stickers for big girls” a playful nod to our screen-printed clothing line and vinyl sign custom work and the “stems” to our floral business.  We also stocked the store front with a variety of hand-crafted items from local vendors and gifts for special occasions.  

We Love Our Community 

We are very involved in and committed to the community in which we live, working and volunteering in many local organizations through the years, building meaningful relationships and learning a lot of life lessons along the way.  Our business approach is an extension of our life philosophy.  We believe the key to success involves community involvement and building strong relationships.  Whether you walk through the front door of the shop or visit our website to place an order, we want you to feel like you matter and will try our best to listen, ask questions, and work with you to achieve your objective.  Some of our services include:  design and printing of custom shirts for fundraisers, special events and benefits; built-to-order signage for your home to personalize and inspire you; flower deliveries and design services for special occasions; and in-store shopping for gift-giving occasions.

Get In Touch

Please reach out and connect with us.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, browse our website, come to the shop, give us a call, send Melissa a message.  Heck….mail a letter if you want!  Any way you feel comfortable, reach out and ask if you have an idea in mind and there is something we can assist you in creating.  We would love the opportunity to build a relationship with you. 

After all…..there are no such things as strangers here; only friends you haven’t yet met. – William Butler Yeats

208 Main St S,

Chatfield, MN 55923